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Eltra Encoders

Eltra is one of our main suppliers of encoders. They offer expedited shipping on many products and specialize in:

  • Rotary incremental encoders
  • Rotary absolute encoders
  • Linear transducers

  • Find the right Eltra encoder for your machine with Rankin USA, supplier of European-made tools and automation components. Many businesses use European-made machines, and to keep them at optimal operation use European made parts. Rankin USA has the experts on hand to help you source the best components for your machines, whether you need a rotary incremental encoder, rotary absolute encoder, or linear transducer.

    Our network of distributors and Eltra encoder suppliers throughout Europe facilitates filling orders quickly and you will experience minimal downtime when you order through us. We will source the parts and components for your European-made machine and ship it to you as fast as possible. Reach out to our team today and let us know what Eltra encoder we can source to keep your business running.