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European Sourcing

European Sourcing

Humble Beginnings

Rankin USA began in 1990 as a small, aftermarket parts supplier to the textile industry. The spare parts were mostly machined or molded custom items and were designed to directly replace those offered by the OEMs. Over time, we gained the skill of providing replacement parts that would be equal to — or better — in quality to the machine maker itself, and we were able to do so at considerable cost savings to our customers.

Due to a big downturn in the U.S. textile industry, we began to look for opportunities in other markets. While doing this we discovered a few important things:

• A high percentage of machinery found in American factories was produced in Europe.

• Customers found it difficult to procure spare parts for these machines without high prices or long deliveries.

• We could establish a network of direct and indirect sources that would give us the ability to meet the procurement needs of our customers.

Present Opportunities

Today, Rankin USA has emerged onto the industrial supply scene as a leading source of automation components for European-made machinery. We have developed an effective supply chain of component manufacturers and trading partners to obtain the brands of products you require. We can source nearly any spare part with a dataplate or label.

We are constantly reviewing our product offerings to be sure we are providing you the best value on the market, and we work tirelessly to be your go-to supplier for automation spare parts for European-made machinery – from competitive pricing to prompt deliveries.

Continued Growth

We recently upgraded our website to give you the ability to easily check pricing, inventory and delivery, and to place orders in a simple, modern way. To keep up with demand, we're also building a new warehouse. We will double our warehouse space, increasing our ability to stock the items you need.

New Building

Our goal is to continually improve our performance to become the best possible supplier for you. We seek to create lasting relationships with you by being your connection to European parts and prioritize minimizing your downtime by supplying your parts quickly.

We, at Rankin USA, pledge to give you our full and best effort in order to not only meet your automation components needs, but to exceed your expectations, earn your trust, and keep your business.